Hi, and welcome to Rubies and Sagebrush.

I’m a weekly columnist at The Good Men Project, writing on social issues, healing from trauma, and the human experience.

I’m an aspiring fiction writer, and have a book in the works. I’m also a mom, which means I spend the majority of my time with little ones (two kids under five), and squeeze in the writing whenever I can.


I’m revamping the content here from more general writing to fiction, essays, and reviews, so that’s what you’ll be getting from this space. My goal is to write a post at least twice a month, if not weekly, so grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile, yeah? (Personally, I love biscotti and hot chocolate, since I’m not a coffee-drinker.)

You can also find me on Silver Slipper Revolution, where I write about healing from trauma, rape culture, and other social issues.

To connect on other platforms, you can follow me on Facebook, InstagramTumblr, and Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by!



14 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for that feedback! Can you give me some specific examples of what you’d like to know more about, or what you mean by what I can offer?

      Thanks, again, for your feedback. That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

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      • I think if you added a bit of who you are as a person… what you do, what you like, why you are here, and what you can offer your reader, it would be much more engaging and would offer a lot more value.
        Your reader wants to be drawn into your world, they want to feel included. Your blog is an incredible platform for you to reach people with whatever you are passionate about – don’t be shy in sharing that information. If you want an example, check mine out: http://www.haleyjsnyder.com/aboutme/


  1. Hi, Juana. I like the color scheme of your blog! I also like the photo of you and your child. I agree with Haley, it would be nice to learn a little more about you as a person, like where you’re from, what you enjoy, a little about your family…I think it helps people to connect with a blogger if they know more about them as a person. I hope this is helpful!

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