FreewriteFriday: My Solution to Writer’s Block

I’ve been having the ‘self-doubt’ monster creeping in when I sit at the computer to write, so I’ve consulted fellow writers for advice on what to do.

I arrived at this conclusion:

Dear writer-self,
When you feel like you have nothing to write, just write anyway. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing about your dog, the weather, your feelings of inadequacy, how tired you are, how your kids are constantly distracting you from writing or your dog or cat just threw up on the carpet.

Just write. Eventually, as these things come out of you,  you’ll feel unburdened and be able to breathe a little easier. It’s the burden of having so much on your mind that is actually a great strength in writing – all those things on your mind are thoughts you can put into a piece of writing you might be able to sell somewhere, especially if others relate to those thoughts because they’re part of the human experience.

Don’t worry about editing or writing “perfectly,” just write. That’s what these Freewriting days are for. The freewriting that goes in your blog can maybe inspire you to take your thoughts elsewhere, expand on them to arrive at a full essay, and pitch them somewhere for publication. It’s okay not to be paid for every single thing you write (such as this blog entry), but if you can find more places that would like to pay you for your words than don’t, you should.


The paid writer you will become.


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