FreewriteFriday: “Everything I Touch Dies!”

So, I didn’t share on this blog, but I did on my blogging page. I was graciously given some plants – aloe vera, ivy, a boston fern – and then I bought a mint plant. The Boston Fern died after a week. Another smaller plant whose name I can’t remember also died. The mint plant withered after two days, and I thought it was doing great, because it looked amazing after the two days.

There’s a cartoon mom on a show I used to watch with my then-preschool-age niece called “The Fairly OddParents” who was competing in a gardening contest on one episode. She couldn’t keep her garden alive, and was cheating with some wax flowers. Throughout the episode, she kept saying, dramatically, “Everything I touch dies!” And I feel like this cartoon mom who can’t even take care of plants.

It doesn’t bother me one bit when the dishes pile up or the laundry isn’t caught up or the most energy or care I muster for meal prep around here is heating up a hot dog in the microwave….but it kind of bothers me to not be able to keep plants alive. I mean, this is a survival skill in case of the pending zombie apocalypse, right? I gotta learn how to grow food.

Clearly, I won’t last long in the event of the zombie apocalypse. haha.

Everything I touch dies!!

If I knew how to make a laugh-crying emoji, I’d insert one here.



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