FreewriteFriday: Sandwich, WordPress Prompt

Sandwiched between the Maiden and the Crone is the Mother.

Who is she?

What lies in her thoughts?

How does she survive and thrive in a world increasingly built to destroy her?


The Mother is creative, her grace belies the simmering fire that roars in her belly.

Rooted deeply in her power,

She knows her strength is fully hers.

She needn’t look outside her self for love or validation,

And focuses her efforts on developing her own internal compass



Image from Wikimedia Commons


Sometimes I wonder why the world hates Mothers so much, since they have a collective creative force and their work directly benefits so many people.

It’s not hard to see that Mothers are feared for their strength and power. Their gifts are denigrated by the world at large, a world which perceives power as an end, rather than a means to an end.


Cultivating our personal power is how we foster the energy to get things done, to fully step into our creative selves, and do what we are meant to do in this world.

Power isn’t a bad word. It’s merely become one because so many times, power has been misused and the abuse of power has been mistakenly termed “powerful,” so the word itself has come to have a negative connotation.

The truly powerful beings of the world don’t seek to abuse the power they cultivate and harvest. Rather, they seek to create and live with integrity, and wish all well.


Sandwich is today’s WordPress Prompt.


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