WordPress Prompt: Eyes

Hi, everyone! I’ve decided to focus this blog on writing – talking about writing, bringing you fiction, and posting a FreewriteFriday more often – so that’s where we’re going with this post. I like doing the other kinds of writing I was doing here – the interviews, reviews, etc. – but I’m looking to do that work on other sites and sticking to just fiction and essays here. I might talk a little bit about what’s going on in my world, too, but I’m gonna try my best to stick to fiction and developing my creative writing muscle.

I’ve really been missing making up stories, so I decided to bring that back.

I couldn’t figure out what to write about or how to start a story, so I relied on the WordPress prompt site to give me a hint. Here’s what came up. I hope you like the story!


I took this photo of the Space Needle on a trip to Seattle with my sister. We ate lunch there, which gave me the idea for the setting.

His eyes pierced hers so deeply, she sometimes wondered if he could sense something she hadn’t yet said.

She shifted in her seat, gingerly holding her glass of wine, and focusing a little too long on her meal.

“You like this place?” he asked.

“Yeah, I like it fine. Nice view.” Her casual, matter-of-fact tone belied how impressive she felt the view truly was. She hadn’t been in Seattle long, and despite the cold, overcast weather, she felt the view to be truly majestic.

“The food’s great,” she said between bites.

“Isn’t it good?” he concurred. “I really like it here. This is one of my favorite spots in the city.”

She had never been on a date with someone she’d met online before. It just seemed to her like a strange way to date. But what the hell? Try anything once, she figured.

“So how long have you been living here?” she asked.

“Mm, going on five years. It’s a decent place, if you can deal with the weather. It doesn’t bug me, but a lot of people don’t like how cloudy and rainy it gets. Just wait ’til your first winter.”

“Oh, boy. Should I be scared?” She laughed.

“No, don’t worry, there’s a lot to keep you busy. Just get a good umbrella and a raincoat, you’ll be fine.”

“Check. I’ll keep that in mind.”

They exchanged smiles, and she felt comforted by the fact he didn’t say, “just stick with me, you’ll be all right.” It was a silent indication he didn’t lay claim to her immediately like so many other men had been guilty of doing.

As they left the restaurant, he held open the door for her. It was a nice gesture, and she appreciated his kindness, but it made her feel strange in a post-women’s lib world. It almost felt like a betrayal of her entire gender to let a man take care of something for her, even something as small as holding open a door. Despite that, she held back the desire to say, “No, I got it,” and let him be kind. “Just a simple thank you, Rianna,” she reminded herself. “Just say thank you.”

As they walked down the street, they talked about anything and everything. She found conversation with him really easy, not as awkward as it can sometimes be. They talked about their childhoods, where they’d been before Seattle, what brought each of them there. She felt pretty comfortable, and was surprised that could happen with someone she met over an app.

“So, what happened in your last relationship,” she asked, and braced herself for what might come of it.

“Oh, god. Whew. Well, I don’t think we really understood each other. I worked a lot. A LOT. And we had opposite schedules, and I guess it just got in the way. Maybe we didn’t get to know each other well enough, and moved too fast. I don’t know. Either way, doesn’t matter. Here we are now.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” she said, satisfied with his answer.

“What about you? What spelled ‘doom’ in your humble abode?”

“Oh, my gosh!” she laughed out loud. “Shut up!” Now she felt like she was talking to an old friend. “Okay, well…I really don’t know. I don’t seem to have much luck there, and to be honest, I don’t have any idea what I’m doing wrong. I just…I feel trapped and then I freak and then it’s done. I don’t know.”

“Well, I appreciate your honesty, madam. I’ll let you know what I see, and I’ll try not to push you too much.”

“Okay! I guess I need it. And thank you. The pushing. It gets a little suffocating to have so much expectation put on me to be ‘just so,’ you know?”

“Hmm. Yeah.” he said, absentmindedly.

As they walked on, they stuck to more surface topics, and had a pleasant afternoon. He walked her to her bus stop, and as she boarded, she felt a lightness that comes from being understood – and not being pressured to be someone she didn’t want to be – and she thought, “Maybe I’ll like it here. We’ll see.”





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