Blogging 101: “Day 9, Get Inspired by the Neighbors”

Yeah, I’m a little “behind” on this, but I wanted to do this assignment and since I had a tough week last week, I’m doing it now, when I feel better.

For this assignment, we were tasked with “getting to know the neighbors,” which in the blogging world means reading other blogs and responding to their posts.  I found two new-to-me blogs that I really resonated with.  I couldn’t comment on one because I got interrupted by the kids needing something, but I wanted to include the post here, because I really appreciated the post I read.

The first is from the blog, Spinninghead.  The post, In Pursuit of Rubbishness, is about “going viral”.  I recently wrote a post called “Why I Don’t Worry About Going Viral,” and I felt like this post spoke to other ideas I had about how “going viral” affects a blogger.  Andy, the owner of the blog, talked about how once you’re “at the top,” it’s only a downhill climb.  It’s difficult to maintain “the top,” and there’s likely a lot of pressure to maintain it, once you’re there.  I think he said it very eloquently when he wrote, “Success seems to come at a price”.  With success come the trolls, the haters, the criticizers, the ones who seem to want to knock you down as soon as you’ve gone up.  In that sense, success has always seemed daunting and frightening to me.  I’m slowly unpacking and moving past my fear of “success,” and slowly redefining what it means to me.

The second post is called Male Privilege, posted by Fredrik at his site, Fredrication.  Fredrik has experienced the concept of male privilege both from a female and male perspective, as a person who has undergone a transition from female to male.  I immediately related to this post.  In the second sentence, Fredrik writes: “When I still defined myself as female I was unsure in every part of my life and I didn’t feel entitled to any space – just like all women I know.”  In contrast, he says, “As a man however, I feel entitlement wherever I go.”  As a woman who has consistently felt subdued, who has struggled to feel visible, who has struggled with feeling sub-human when I walked into circles of people I felt were better than me (which was pretty much everywhere),  I have often wished that I didn’t feel so small in every part of my life.  As a girl who grew up with a dad who devalued women in every way and with two sisters who were sometimes like having a “mean girls” clique in my house and a mom who resigned herself to helplessness and victimhood, I have constantly battled to reconcile what I know, what I feel to be true, and what I’ve been conditioned to believe where matters of privilege and entitlement are concerned.

My other blog has been unfolding to focus on issues of privilege, social conditioning, and how social justice work intersects with the work of energy healing.  As I work to find my place and purpose in the world, I am curious to figure out how to merge the issues of social justice with the principles of energy work.  Somewhere in there, I think, is where my niche lies.

I really enjoyed both blogs, and am now following them, and I encourage you to check them out for yourself, as well.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging 101: “Day 9, Get Inspired by the Neighbors”

    • You’re welcome! It seemed like an interesting coincidence to come upon a post that talked about going viral when I’d just recently published my own post about it.

      Thank you for the compliment and encouragement! Same to you! 🙂


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