Blogging 101: Who Is Your Target Audience?

For the latest Blogging 101 assignment, we were asked to think about who our target audience would be, and publish a post written for that target audience.

I had a hard time deciding who that target audience would be, because Rubies and Sagebrush is about a wide variety of topics that might appeal to different people.  I write reviews, so I’m hoping people who produce content and products will stop by, and that they’ll have me review their product/content.  I also write about parenting, so I hope to appeal to parents, and more specifically, mothers of children under four.  I write fiction on occasion, so I’m hoping to appeal to other people who write fiction or other writers and to read their work, as well.  I write about social issues, issues of identity, how I feel about being a Mexican growing up in America, so I’m hoping to connect with others who have similar experiences and who also have an interest in social change.

For Bringing Back the Rubies (my other blog on WordPress), I write about my experience with being raped and dealing with that trauma, so I hope that my audience would be people who – again – share my experience and are also interested in mental health and healing from trauma.  I hope that by sharing my experience, I can make people think about these issues and how we can work together to effect change.

I suppose that my “target” audience is everyone who can relate to my writing and experiences.

The person I’d like to read my blog varies widely, because my interests vary widely, but I eventually am hoping to use other blog, Bringing Back the Rubies, as a vehicle to call attention to the changes we need to make in our attitudes in order to effect true social change.  (I have a project planned in the next few months around this, so if you’re curious, you can follow Bringing Back the Rubies to check out what’s in store in the future.)

I’m looking into freelancing and submitting writing to various publications, so I’m hoping that editors will read my writing and pick up some of my articles, or that I can create new content for their sites.  I’d also eventually like to be picked up for publication by a publisher for a couple book ideas I have, one of which is a fiction piece I started writing on my blog and have put on the back burner, and the other of which is a non-fiction work detailing my path to healing from rape.

In the meantime, I hope that anyone who can relate to my words will stop by and engage with my content.

Goodbye for now.  Thanks for reading!


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