R&S First-Ever Meet & Greet!

Hi, everybody!

Day 3 of Blogging 101 asks bloggers to connect with their blogging communities and gives us tips on how to follow blogs we’re interested in.  (I even learned something new!  We can follow blogs that are not on WordPress, and I had previously been bummed because I thought that wasn’t possible!  So yay!  My Reader just got more personalized.)

I’ve been thinking of doing Meet & Greets quarterly for about a month or so, and I thought this was a perfect opportunity for that.  I was inspired by the fact that I had a hard time keeping track of everybody on the Blogging 101 site, so I wanted a place to find everybody easily while also wrangling my kids.  🙂

Please feel free to post your blog link in the comments, and tell me if you’re doing the Blogging 101 class right now.


Here are some basic housekeeping rules to keep in mind.

  1. Only post your link ONCE. I moderate and have to approve all comments, and I don’t want to get a ton of links from the same site.
  2. Feel free to comment on the links, though!  I’m hoping to stimulate conversation and create connections.
  3. No obligation to follow-back!  I don’t believe in follow-backs.  Only follow a blog if you’re interested in reading it and engaging with the writer.  I don’t think it serves the greater purpose of reader engagement to expect follow-backs.
  4. Feel free to share this post and invite other bloggers to the Meet and Greet!  I love connecting with new folks, and I know this is a good way to keep track of sites you might be interested in following.
  5. Be courteous and respectful in your interaction with others.  Any disrespectful comments will not be approved.

Have fun at the Meet & Greet!


(Featured image by Dawn Hudson @ PublicDomainPictures.net)


12 thoughts on “R&S First-Ever Meet & Greet!

    • Hi! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your link! I am also enjoying the class, so far. What’s been your favorite thing you’ve learned, up to now?


          • haha, there’s a lot to learn, and people don’t see it because it doesn’t show up on the website. I did some HTML and Java way back in college – I majored in Graphic Design – and I wish I could have kept going with it, because I could use that now. Now, I don’t even remember a thing about it.

            It’s not hard to learn, it’s just time-consuming and because it’s something totally unfamiliar, I think there’s more of a learning curve.

            I’m pretty tech-savvy, but I don’t have the slightest idea how to do the tag cloud. 🙂

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